Our Values and Culture


Our core business philosophies are simple but not always easy. "If we say we're going to do something - we do it," and "do what's right - even if it's not convenient." We strive to execute those philosophies every day.

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If we don’t give our customers their money’s worth, they’ll look for it elsewhere. It was true in the earliest days of the company, and it’s certainly true today. Our customers expect the best when they come to Hampton, and yet we still want to exceed expectations.

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Relationships come first. We may construct buildings and lease commercial space, but in truth - it's about relationships. You see it in how we interact with one another, how we treat building owners, subcontractors and our tenants.

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Work Ethic

Joe worked "as if he had nothing," often 7 days a week and never asked anyone to do something he wasn't willing to do. That work ethic permeates the entire culture at Hampton.

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Stewardship is defined by Merriam-Webster, "as the careful and responsible management of something you are entrusted with." That's exactly what Joe did - he "entrusted" his Company to leadership team and the directors that he selected before his passing.

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Giving back - making a difference. It sounds cliche, but this is a central component of the reason we do what we do - building our communities one building at a time, supporting local charities with our time and financial support - ultimately leaving things better than when we found them.

See our community involvement.

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